13th July 2016

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Innovative, Design, Durable – made to last a lifetime .. And Exclusively sold in Hong Kong by Fre[N]sh!

La Malle W. Trousseau offers a variety of high-end cooking utensils sold in sets – or separately!

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MWT by Fre(N)sh


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La Malle W. Trousseau offer of 3 Sets:




The Container Tray – includes 16 Items:
Oven Dishes (includes 2), Balloon Whisk, Potato Masher, Spaghetti Spoon, Large Dish Towels (includes 2), Stockpot, Pasta Insert, Chicken Cooker, Mixing Bowls (includes 3), Chopping Boards (includes 2), Multi-Purpose Colander



The Cutting Tray – includes 16 Items:
Stainless Steel Soap, Skimmer, Grinding Stone, Vegetable Peelers (set of 3), Shun Knives (set of 3), Spice Grinder, Carving Fork, Cutting Board, Leather Apron, Corsican Knife, Ladle, Wooden Spatula



The Cooking Tray – includes 11 Items:
Cast Iron Casserole, Frying Pan, Pallet Knife, Slope Sided Saucepan, Dish Cloths (includes 2), Glass Container, Cast Iron Pan, Trivet, Pot holders (includes 2)