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Organic. Homemade. French.

We Cater for Individuals and Corporates
Homemade. Fresh. Organic. Tasty. Generous. French

Board Meetings, Cocktail Events and in-office meals will never be boring again

3 Solutions to suit your every need

Organic food, Healthy Dishes - we're all about balancing your diet but no compromise on Taste

Meat, Fish, Chicken and Veggies - we have it all

No leaks, No stains. Our meal tray is uniquely practical like you've never seen before

Oh. And we're 100% recyclable. No Plastic. No Glue.

  • At Home

    Customisable 1p MealTrays in awesome packaging. Can't pick? Mix it up

  • At work

    Colleagues will be jealous when you pop out the ultimate 3-course meal

  • At Events

    Finger Food never tasted better .. And the choice is ridiculous. Good luck choosing

  • In Meetings

    Junk food doesn't belong here. No Stains,no Spills - get your MealTrays at the office

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